Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on what hitch you have. With so many hitches on the market it is impossible to say which will fit your trailer. Trailer manufacturers can to some degree fit any hitch they like to their trailers. To find the correct hitch lock for your hitch, the hitchlock fitting guide will help you to identify which lock you need. For clarification, please send us a photo of your hitch to sales@sasproducts.com and we will advise.   The way the hitch fixes to the trailer draw bar also may have an impact fitting a hitch lock. Where the hitch is fixed on top of the box section on unbraked trailers, sometimes some hitchlocks do not allow for that additional height and won't fit. Similarly with a wide A-frame draw bar, some hitches won't work if they do not allow for the width.   Generally trailer manufacturers will keep a consistancy in what hitches they fit. One example is for Ifor Williams larger trailers where the Knott Avonride hitch is most common. This will 99/100 times fit the Fortress A Hitch lock. Older trailers may not be consistent and we recommend checking the guide before buying. Hitches are removable and may have been changed, therefore we cannot tell what hitch you have by the trailer model.   Check for any text on the hitch, especially as Alko Hitches have the model number imprinted on them. This is very important to check if you have either the AK301 or AK351 hitchas they look almost identical but fit different hitch locks.
The Supaclamp range of wheel clamps are all very similar in that they all fit the same size wheel. They all fit 10-15" alloy or steel wheels from 160-225mm tyre widths. As all clamps are so similar people often ask which is the right clamp for me? This question is difficult to answer in one sentence as there are so many variables that come into play. These are listed below:


The Difference with the 3 models for security are firstly the lock. The Supaclamp Duo has the same lock as the HD Range of Wheel Clamps. For a fleet of trailers, this is ideal as you can have all locks on the same key, regardless of the wheel being steel or alloy. We recommend using a steel wheel clamp if you have steel wheels although the Supaclamp Range will fit both. The Supaclamp Silver has the same lock size as the Gold, but the Gold is slightly more secure. The Lock in the Gold Clamp is and anti-drill, anti-pick lock that has been tested by Sold Secure and passed the clamp with a gold rating.   The next thing that is different between the 3 models is the red 'front' arm that covers the wheel nut. The Supaclamp Gold and Silver Models have this arm reinforced, meaning it is harder to saw off as there is more metal to go through. Both the Silver and the Gold also have a hardened 'rear arm' which makes it hack saw proof too. All clamps in the range are tough solid steel construction, giving you peace of mind that your caravan or trailer is safe.

Different Applications

The Supaclamp Duo is recommended for alloy wheels on trailers on caravans with the Gold being very popular with caravaners. The Sold Secure Gold rating can help many with Caravan insurance premiums. The Silver has a slightly shorter rear arm to clamp round the back of the wheel. This suits Trailers where there is something restricting the space behind the wheel such as a large hub brake. The Silver is popular as a secure wheel clamp for Ifor Williams Horseboxes with leaf spring suspension where the Gold arm is too long to fit.