The SAS Supaclamp Duo Wheel Clamp Range is designed to fit on alloy wheels. They work by covering a wheel nut and clamping round the wheel before locking securely. The Supaclamp Duo Wheel Clamp Range will fit 10-15″ Alloy Wheels and up to 225mm tyre widths. To find which clamp will fit your wheels, please refer to the Wheel Clamp Finder guide.

The Supaclamp Duo Wheel Clamp Range clamps onto the tyre rather than the rim to prevent scratching the Alloy. The clamps will also fit steel wheels if required although we would recommend the HD Range here. As alloy wheel bolts are generally inset in the alloy, the clamp cannot be removed by tyre deflation. The HD wheel clamps grip onto the rim which means they cannot be removed by tyre deflation either. For larger wheels please see the New Defender Wheel Clamp range.

The Supaclamp Duo Wheel Clamp range is great for short term locking up whilst touring due to their ease of use and weight. Over winter storage is also ideally suited to this clamp, as they are also extremely secure. The Supaclamp Duo Gold holds Gold Sold Secure approval giving potential insurance premium benefits too.

On some clamps, multiple clamps and hitch locks can be keyed alike to have them all on the same key. See product details for more information. This is a very popular choice for fleets of trailers or if you own multiple clamps for your trailer of caravan. Various hitch locks can also be keyed the same depending on which clamp you require.