Supaclamp Duo Silver Wheel Clamp

Supaclamp Duo Silver Wheel Clamp


The Supaclamp Duo Silver Wheel clamp is a versatile wheel clamp designed to fit both Alloy and Steel Wheels with 10-15″ rims and up to 225mm tyre widths on trailers with leaf spring suspension.

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Sold Secure Silver and Insurance approved SAS Wheel clamp for your trailer or Caravan with Alloy wheels and leaf spring suspension.
Wheel clamp to fit 10-15″ Alloy rims and 160mm-225mm width tyres. Shorter locking rear arm on the clamp prevents interference with the low suspension on trailers and horseboxes with leaf springs. Especially suited to Ifor Williams trailers and horse boxes with leaf spring suspension. Maximum wheel nut diameter 22mm.
One-piece wheel clamp that wraps around the wheel and locks securely in seconds. This wheel clamp boasts of a high security steel encased lock and twin locking mechanism for maximum security.
This SAS wheel clamp weighs under 5kg, making it ideal for touring, yet very secure for long term storage as well. Compact design makes it easy to store and is supplied in tough plastic carry case as standard.
Painted bright red for maximum visual deterrent and to put thieves off on sight.
Supaclamp range of wheel clamps will also fit steel wheels if required.

Click here to download Supaclamp Duo Wheel Clamp Range fitting instructions.

Additional information

Weight 5.9 kg

Keyed Alike, Standard

SAS Supaclamp Duo Silver Wheel clamp will fit most caravan or trailer alloy wheels 10-15″ rim diameter and 160-225mm width. This Wheel clamp is specially designed to suit trailers with leaf spring suspension but will fit any suspension type. Check your wheel sizes against these critical dimensions:

C = 160 – 225mm
D = Maximum 270mm

Wheelclamp Supaclamp Duo Size Guide

Below is a list of spares and accessories for the Supaclamp Duo Silver. Click on the link to take you to the product page:

Replacement Round Barrel Lock for SAS Supaduo Silver

Replacement Allen Key Headed Bolt – 120mm

Rear Arm for SAS Supaclamp Silver – Please contact us

Wheel Clamp Plastic Carry Case – Supaclamp Duo Silver

Allen Key

Straight Allen Key

SAS Waterproof Grease

SAS Mint General Protectant Spray

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