Wheel Clamps for Steel Wheels

The SAS HD Range of wheel clamps are designed to fit on steel wheels. They work by covering a wheel nut and clamping around the wheel before locking securely. The HD1 Wheel Clamp is the most commonly used as its reach will fit the majority of wheel sizes found on trailers up to 195mm tyre widths and from 10-15″ rims. Other sizes of the HD range will cover from small camping trailer wheels of 8″ with the Trailer Clamp and up to 16″ rims and 300mm widths with the HD3L clamp. To find which clamp will fit your wheels, please refer to the Wheel Clamp Finder guide.

The Range on this page is specifically suited to steel wheels as the clamps have serrations on the arms to grip onto the steel rim. This wouldn’t work with an alloy wheel as the clamp would scratch the alloy wheel. For Alloy wheels or wheels over 16″ the Supaclamp Range and New Defender Range are recommended.

These Wheel clamps will effectively secure the wheels on your caravan or trailer from potential thieves. In addition to short-term security, they are effective for long-term storage too. Simple to fit and remove, they are a great clamp for anyone who takes towing security seriously. Additionally, multiple clamps can be purchased across the HD Range with the key on the same number. This makes it a very popular choice with trailer fleets. Also, see the extensive range of Hitch Locks and Towing Eye Locks.