Fortress 2 Gold Hitch Lock for Al-ko Stabilising Head

Fortress 2 Gold Hitch Lock for Al-ko Stabilising Head


The SAS Fortress Hitch Lock is an extremely secure hitchlock for your Caravan with and Alko Chassis and Hitch,holding the Gold approval from Sold Secure, which will fit hitched or unhitched to your towing vehicle.

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Insurance and Sold Secure Gold Approved hitch lock completely covers hitch head and bolts.

The Fortress 2 Gold Hitch Lock fits Al-ko AK160, AK180, AK300, AKS1300, AKS2004, and the 2012 AKS3004, & AKS3504 hitches, please see guide for full range.

Hitch lock for hitch fitted on most Bailey and Swift Caravans with Al-ko Hitches, and more. Model fits all AL-KO Stabilising hitches. For confirmation for which model hitch fits this hitch lock please refer to our hitch lock selection fitting guide.

Hitch lock will fit hitched and unhitched to prevent car and caravan being separated in car park or motorway service station, supplied with plastic tow ball as accessory as standard.

The Fortress 2 Gold Hitch Lock is fitted with a high security anti-drill barrel plug lock to deter thieves. The lock is positioned on the hitch lock when fitted on the caravan to be impossible to drill. The toughest and most secure heavy-duty caravan hitch lock on the market.

Hitch lock hardened and painted bright red for maximum visual and physical deterrent.

Compact and easily stored which makes it ideal for touring, tough plastic hitch lock carry case available as an extra from SAS.

Other Hitch Locks also available for other hitches.

Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg

The SAS Fort 2 Gold Hitch Lock fits the following hitches:

Al-ko AK160
Al-ko AK180
Al-ko AK300
Al-ko AKS1300
Al-ko AKS2004 fitted on older caravans
Al-ko AKS3004 Newer Caravans
Al-ko AKS3504 Newer Caravans

If you still are not sure then send a photo of your hitch to and we will advise by reply.

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