Replacement Round Padlock for Garage Defender


Round replacement padlock for SAS garage defender master, black or van lock.

SKU: 8300071


This round padlock is a replacement padlock for the garage defender master. It will also fit the Squire garage defender with the round padlock. Compatible with the SAS van door hasp and staple lock too.

This padlock is made from strong steel and chrome plated. The SAS shackle less padlock is basically a solid block of steel with a secure locking mechanism making it very secure.

The lock gains its security from the shackle-less design and high security lock. To remove the lock without a key you would need to pull it up from the garage defender. However, with the enclosed shackle pin locked in place, it would likely pull the concrete up before coming off. Along with the padlocks strength, there is nothing to grip onto on the round padlock to pull on.

The other way is to try to pick the lock but as it is a high security lock. The essence of speed for thieves would be lost before they got anywhere near removing it. The strength of the garage defender for pulling the padlock up is in the security fixing bolts which are firmly anchored in the ground and impossible to remove by hand.

The garage defender master is great protection for up and over garage doors.

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