How can I protect my trailer from theft?

How can I protect my trailer from theft?


How can I protect my trailer from theft?

Now is the time to buy trailer security products. Trailer theft is a huge problem, with 2022 recording more than 69% more trailers stolen than the year before!

SAS has been developing and providing products through our extensive range since 1987, and whilst no device can completely stop trailer theft, the more security you fit, the safer your trailer becomes, hopefully causing them to abandon and seek an easier target. 

This is why SAS offer a complete range of security products to protect your asset from multiple angles, ensuring maximum deterrence and giving you the peace of mind that your trailer will remain in your hands.

Wheel Clamps

A wheel clamp to deter your thief from simply moving your trailer and contents.

Hitch Locks

A a towing hitchlock to prevent your thief from hitching your trailer to their vehicle and towing it away.

Anchors, chains and padlocks

A third layer of security to break through comes in the form of a secure anchor, heavy duty chain and padlock, these will allow you to fix your trailer to a wall or the ground.

Locking wheel bolts

In addition you can install locking wheel bolts to your trailer, deterring thieves in the knowledge they wont be able to remove the wheels.

Security Posts

As another layer, the SAS security post installed on your driveway would create a barrier in front of your trailer or caravan. SAS also produce a tow ball adaptor that will allow you to hitch directly on to the security post.

With all these layers, it will take some time to for even a determined trailer or caravan thief to gain access.

Lock it or lose it!