SAS Gold Secure Shackle Lock

The SAS gold secure shackle lock is arguably the toughest shackle lock on the market, and will keep your valuable bike firmly secured to your bike rack whilst touring.

SKU: 8461425


The SAS gold secure shackle lock is an incredibly tough lock and the perfect choice for securing your electric bikes at home or away.

The shackle lock also comes with an additional length of high security cable to secure your bikes to a ground anchor or bike rack. Motorhome bike racks can be wrapped around with the cable and the alarm lock to secure them when parked.

The SAS gold secure shackle lock has passed “Sold Secure” testing to a Gold approval standard. The 14mm steel shackle is made from hardened steel to prevent it being cut by a hacksaw. The shackle fits into the body which house a simple, but powerful locking mechanism. The lock comes supplied with 3 keys. Both the shackle and body are rubber coated to prevent scratching the bike frames and for comfort when fitting in cold weather. This also prevents the weather affecting the shackle body by giving it a protective coating.

The 320mm size is big enough to encompass the bike wheel and frame as well as the bike rack which make it extremely versatile and along with the 1.2m chunky security cable makes it ideal for securing multiple bikes.

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