April 2018
I would just like to say what fantastic service! Your initial reply to my query (below) came the next working day after I emailed, then yesterday I ordered those parts via your website and they arrived today!
Many thanks and well done!

July 2017
I bought a set of four Steady Locks and they are a great security add on to my other security devices, however I needed to replace one of the inner pieces and grub screw but still had the outer lock section, key etc. I phoned SAS and the lady there could not have been more helpful ,no need to replace the whole section just the piece I needed. Great service 

May 2017
I ordered a set of 4 and was impressed by how heavy & sturdy they are. Once fitted you cannot fail to spot them on each corner of the Caravan and combined with the hitchlock & wheelclamp I''m assured that any thief will be looking at someone elses caravan from now on. The peace of mind of fitting these will blow you away! Why rely on 2 security devices when you can have 6!? I only regret not having bought them earlier... Afterall, parking next to my caravan will seriously put yours at risk now :) 

​​​​​​​May 2017
Very good hitchlock, very quick to apply with no fiddling about.